Sorare explanations beginners 2022 – Tutorial to get started

This video is an update for beginners players on Sorare in 2022, with a complete explanatory tutorial.

Sorare 2022 Tutorial Summary

Sorare is a game that allows you to collect player cards (mostly football, but also now baseball and NBA). Thanks to the blockchain and NFTs, the ownership of acquired cards is guaranteed. But the game goes beyond collection :

It is possible to participate in a kind of video game where you become, in a way, owner, sports director, scout and coach of your football club. You can recruit players (through their card) and, depending on the rarity level of the card, participate in different competitions in various divisions (from D1 to D5) and in distinct geographical leagues (5 major European championships, other European championships, America, Asia or age, with young people under 23 years old). Once you have cards (at least 5), you can choose which players will represent the club ; based on the players’ real performance on the field during the next match, you get a ranking that, if good enough, entitles you to rewards distributed by Sorare (for example, new cards that you can keep or sell on the secondary market for ether).

As a beginner on Sorare, remember this well  : your main motivation should be entertainment and not the lure of gain ! There are certainly success stories on Sorare, but they are multi-factorial and the market is not stable. Be aware that with the arrival of new managers and the printing of new cards (but also the career of your players in real life), significant value fluctuations can occur : only spend the money you can afford to lose and in relation to the pleasure it brings you. Be careful and reasonable !  !

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Sorare Beginners Video Transcript

Sorare is a game of virtual cards that are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy cards that represent football players that you can play with or just collect.

You can also buy and sell cards as a way to try to make money or for entertainment, or both.

Sorare’s partner clubs

We see that today there are 215 licensed clubs. The Bundesliga is complete with all clubs, the LIGA is complete, there are a few clubs in England such as Liverpool as the flagship club. However, you do not have the first League except for a few contracts that have been signed over time. There is no Manchester City or Manchester United. There are a few players like Ronaldo. This player moved to Juventus, so he still has his Juventus cards even if he plays for another club. There is Pogba because he is on the French team, but you do not have, for example, Manchester City in its entirety. This might come because Sorare is developing. If you watch my video, there were 142 clubs seven months ago, so it is really developing very quickly.

The different card levels

In Sorare, there are four levels of rarity on cards : Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique. The yellow cards or Limited cards, are a maximum of 1000 per season, the red cards or Rare cards are 100, the blue cards are 10, and there is one black Unique per season. The rarer the card, the more expensive it is for the same player. I specify “for the same player” because a red Mbappé card will be more expensive than a blue Marco Verratti card. There are star players who are extremely expensive on Sorare and who can surpass this color logic in the game. This obviously depends on the players, but if you compare the same player, he will be much cheaper in yellow than in black. To start well on Sorare, you will have to choose a division that matches your budget : from the free mode to the unique card division, there is something for all budgets.


What’s the point of owning cards of different rarities on Sorare ?

For the collection, it is easily understood because the unique (black) cards are generally rarer than the yellows, so we bet on the fact of owning something rare and unique.

In the game called So5, this makes a huge difference, because the yellow card only opens division 5, or the Limited division. If you win this division or if you are among the top 10 % of players who play it, Sorare will reward you based on your ranking and division (generally, you win Limited cards in the Limited division, rare cards in the Rare division and super rare cards in the Super Rare division). In D1 (division of unique cards), you also win SR (super rare) cards, but stars are also possible, unlike in D1. The most important rewards are black cards, then come blue cards, then red cards and finally yellow cards.

If we had only one advice for a beginner on Sorare, It would be to start with the free mode, in order to familiarize yourself with the game and see if it corresponds to you.

How are points counted ?

To score points, you cannot play with different colored cards. For example, if you play Maarten Vandevoordt who plays in the Jupiler League and if he achieves a “clean sheet”, that is to say he does not concede any goals, he will score more points. He will then have a score of 80/100.

José Gimenez, on the other hand, who plays for Atlético Madrid, for example, made an error that cost a goal and also did not succeed in many passes during the match. That is why he will only have 15/100.

Marco Verratti, you thought he was going to play, but you were wrong. He is what is called “DNP” (Do Not Play), so he does not play and scores zero points.

Lewandowski, you put him up front with Barça, he scores a quadruple, so he will get 100 points. If you put him as captain, he will also get a 20 % bonus, which will give him 120 points.

Suppose you also play Kimmich, who will get 100 points. You will end the match with a total of 315 points (80+15+0+120+100).

It is rare for a beginner to start with a team of stars, but it depends on your budget.”
NB : I didn’t talk about card experience here to simplify things, but know that cards have experience that increases over time and also give a bonus ranging from 0 to 10 % max. There is also a “season card” bonus which gives you +5 % if you play a card whose edition year is the most recent. More info on card XP here.

What reward can you win ?

Your score will be on a list with all the other players who, like you, participated in the division. If you are part of (roughly) the top 10 %, you will win a reward. The reward will be proportional to your ranking. What’s good about this game is that as long as you have these cards, you can play them every week.

So it’s not like a sports bet where you just make a purchase like that for the match. With Sorare, you can win or lose, but as long as you keep your cards, you can continue to play them as long as the player plays their soccer career. There is therefore a long-term capitalization interest.

Better yet, let’s say you bought these cards, plus the Kimmich card, which is about 3500 euros. I say that figure but on Sorare, you can create teams for 300 euros or 300,000 euros… This money will allow you to win rewards from time to time and, when you leave the game, it will still earn you something. Knowing that currently, the game’s progress is about 25 % of players per month (NB : this figure is variable and inevitably slows down over time). When I made my first video, there may have been 15,000 players, today (early 2022) there are 70,000. So the more pressure is put on the price of good cards, the more the cards increase in value over time. Nothing is guaranteed, however players who invest in Sorare bet on winning at So5 and also on the value of the cards they buy.

Sorare rewards


Some players are not there for So5, but only do reselling. As a beginner, you may be in this case to increase your budget at the start. For example, they will buy Marteen Vandevoordt for 0.100 ETH (transactions are made in cryptocurrency in this game). Then they put it up for sale at 0.110 ETH. If they find buyers, they will make a surplus of 0.010 ETH. They are called traders. It is a way to make money on Sorare. There is a risk obviously but most of the time, those who do reselling are very well informed about the players, which allows them to make money.

Sorare is a game that is mainly for fun and the possibility of making money. If you know a lot about football and make good decisions about players, you have a good chance of making money on Sorare. For example, last year, Wirtz’s blue card was not well known and could be bought for 1 ETH. Today, it is resold for 9 ETH.

There were therefore two effects on this card : firstly, Sorare prices increased, creating a market effect, but also the player proved to be more decisive than last year, which increased his rating.

Being sponsored to get a free card

If you want to start Sorare, it is best to go through a Sorare sponsorship link. There are plenty of sponsorship links, all those who create content always put their sponsorship link. This allows us, content creators, to live from our work, but it is also an incentive for you because once you have bought 5 auction cards, you will receive one more for free.

The card you will win can be of all levels : you can have a good or a bad card. Be careful, only buy players you really need at auctions. We do not know in advance the value of this card, but often it corresponds to the average of the auctions you have made. After that, is it a rule or a coincidence, I do not know…

How to succeed in registering on SORARE using a sponsorship link ?

To succeed in sponsorship, do not go to register directly on the SORARE site. Click on the sponsorship link, go to “PLAY SORARE”, this takes you to the SORARE site. From this page, click on “register”.

Once you have registered, an email will arrive in your mailbox, you click on it and enter your email and password. Once your account is created, you can make different settings. You will then be asked to choose your favorite clubs. As a beginner, I recommend you choose strong clubs : typically Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Liverpool. If you have a small preference, you can dilute it with these clubs. In my case, I choose Olympique de Marseille. Do not put too many.

You can then open the pack. The cards that will be given to you are “common” cards, white in color. Modrić is a good midfielder for Real Madrid. Ulreich, Bayern’s backup goalkeeper, is not cool. Balerdi and Origi. I’m not very happy here because I don’t have a Bayern goalkeeper starter, but it’s not a problem because if I play in Limited, it won’t matter.

NB : at the time of the video, it was interesting to have a white common goalkeeper starter, because you could play it in the rare division : this is no longer the case today, so it doesn’t matter.

After getting your cards, you will find an official Sorare tutorial this time, which explains the different competitions.

With the All Star, you can play with all countries, all ages, no matter where your players come from.

In the Under 23, you can only play with players under 23 years old.

In the Champion’s Europe, you can choose players only playing in one of the 5 major European championships : France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy. This is a limitation to avoid players from “lower” European championships (Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, etc.), the J-League (Japan), MLS (USA), K-League… So, depending on what you are aiming for as a type of competition, you will not need to buy all the cards. You will have to buy the cards that correspond to the competitions in which you want to play.

There is also the Casual League (Global common) if you want to play in free mode. You can very well make a League of free cards : these are the ones that were given to you at the beginning (white cards).

The gains associated with competitions

You have an explanation on the SORARE website regarding the So5. When we say “win a League”, it is on a daily basis. That is, the Leagues are reset twice a week (to be able to play midweek matches and weekend matches independently). It is on a daily basis, so if you miss a match, it’s not a problem.
Performances are indexed based on what players do in reality. Here is an example of a “price pool”, that is, what is rewarded at the division level. Here we can give you a Rare Star and Cash. The podium is very well paid, however beware, in the All Star, there are sometimes 15,000 participants, so you have to hold on to get a good ranking or win.

Nevertheless, if you win it, you will take here 1436.24 euros in ETHER plus a Star Rare. Let’s imagine that you win rare Erling Haaland, it’s 12000 euros currently on the market. This gain is really exceptional, on a more regular basis, you will especially fall into Limited cards when playing limited. You will win more Tiers 1, 2 or 3. These are cards that are worth between 1 and 150 euros. You don’t have to think you’re winning Erling Haaland all the time. If you’re playing Limited, you’re playing in the most affordable division for players, which means you’re going to be up against 15,000 lineups. Even if you are a good player who has identified the favorable matches on the days, and you have taken good players… You will find yourself faced with player compositions in which you have Kimmich, Mbappé, Haaland, Bastoni and Neuer for example, these are teams that are very strong and in general these players score a lot of points. So you will pass behind all these players. The more you are in so-called weak divisions, with yellow cards, the more opponents you have. In red cards, you will have five times fewer opponents than in yellow cards, so it’s five times fewer combinations to beat to try to make a podium. On the other hand, the budget to return is more important.

So in Limited, you have to aim for the long term because it still pays up to 130th place (it all depends on the number of managers on Sorare with cards of the division concerned). You can still earn cards on a fairly regular basis.


As a beginner, how to compose a team on Sorare ?

You can also play the casual league (Global Common) in free mode, with white cards.

Putting myself in the perspective where you are a beginner on Sorare going through a tutorial, I will think aloud :

Here for example, I get Riemann. I don’t know where it comes from… At first the draw was made in my favorite clubs, but now it’s a bit wider. We have a goal here that I don’t know, the Bundesliga, Bourigeaud from Rennes and Weghorst who is a good player but from Wolfsburg.

The next step is to put on the keeper. So here I have two, so if Neuer is injured, I will put the starter.

The holder’s card has a 5 % bonus because it is a card published during the year : this encourages people to equip themselves with new cards. As you play this card, you will see that what is written as an XP bonus will grow over time. So your card will take +5 then +6, +7 until +12 until the end of the year. There is therefore an “experience” effect, as you play your cards. Here you see the fixture, so the match that will be played. In defenders, I can play between Balerdi and Trimmel. I advise to adapt the compositions of course to the strength of the opponents. Here, Lille is a team that plays very well. Marseille has a very solid defense. Nevertheless it will be more profitable depending on what happens in the Bundesliga to play Trimmel. Although we see that Trimmel has 48 average in the last 5 games in So5 and Luan Peres is 57. Maybe it happens that on this day Hoffenheim will play at the last and therefore Trimmel will have a better mark than Balerdi. It’s choices to be made, it’s part of the game. So let’s admit that I trust San Paoli to play a big game, I put Luan Perez.

Modrić, I do not put it because we see that he has No Game before the next match, unlike Bourigeaud who plays Bordeaux. Bordeaux which tends to concede goals, Rennes which is in a downward phase but which when it plays well, it plays hard. So Bourigeaud has a good average, it’s a good choice. Besides, for the moment, it is the most obvious choice for now. Origi, replacing in Liverpool, they have Salah who left for the Can with Egypt, maybe he will have a spot, although he is DNP. DNP means that on average over the last 5 games he did not play as a starter or even a substitute at Liverpool. So if ever he is not injured, he can replace Salah … There will be holes in Liverpool so the Origi, it may be a good choice to put him in point.

Sites that help you build your team

After you have sites that help you, me for example a site that I recommend is the site rotowire..

This site can give you predictions about the next game. On rotowire, go to the Soccer tab, then Line up (these are the teams lined up), EPL (European first line) , we will try to go see Liverpool. So according to them, it’s the players Fabinho, Diego Jota and Minamino. Here, we see that Origi is “ques”, it means that he probably had an injury and we don’t know if he will be back. So, you need to have information on the teams you play. In this situation, I am playing with cards given to me. I’m not the most knowledgeable about Liverpool. What I advise when you play Sorare is to buy player cards on which you can have information. For example, if I ever line up Origi believing he is going to play but does not play, he will earn me zero points. If you play in So5 with cards that do not bring any points, you are not likely to win. For Werber, if I know that Werghorst is playing, I can check on rotowire. He has played the last 5 games and is a starter, that tells me seems like a healthy choice so I put it.


How to choose an extra player and a captain Sorare ?

As an extra, I can put in whatever I want : defender, midfielder, striker. For Trimmel, I can see what is happening in the Bundesliga rankings to choose, however, I am more informed about OM. Balerdi is not a starter unlike Saliba so either I take the risk of Balerdi or I take Trimmel. I will check the information on the site, at TSG Hoffenheim but unfortunately there is not the information I am looking for. For the moment, I therefore put Balerdi. I put my captain on the player I think is the most capable of making points, so there I take Bourigeaud so that he scores well in Bordeaux. The yellow color means that I have chosen him as captain. So, relative to the score, there will be 25 % bonus. 5 % through the 2021, 2022 season and 20 captaincy bonus points. So if this player gets 100 points, he will bring me 125. The choice of captain is very important. I am not very calm about the choice of Balerdi so here, I hope to be able to replace Balerdi with another player.

As I submitted a line up, Sorare gives me other cards. I got Mariano Diaz, it’s not a chance because he doesn’t start at Real Madrid either. When you click on a card, you can find a lot of information such as the average score, bonus points or even experience. You can also follow a player, it is useful for auctions because you have the information in your e-mail box.

How auctions work on Sorare for beginners

There are two markets on Sorare :

– New cards issued by Sorare come out first at auction. For example, the auction starts at 10E. To outbid, a minimum of 10 % is required. Either at least 11 euros but you can bid at the price you want but the minimum will always be 10 % more than the previous one.

-The so-called secondary market, so managers who have already bought cards on Sorare and who want to resell them. In this market, there is a buy-it-now system. You can also make an offer. Let’s say he asks for 200 euros, you can offer him 165. After that, it’s up to him to accept or refuse. However, if you pay 200 euros, the card is transferred to you.


3 possibilities on Sorare : collect, play and connect

Playing is So5 by entering teams into weekly competitions. Connecter is an application that allows you to talk with Sorare managers. Collecting is the management of card collection and auctions. Here, we see that I will soon win a Limited card because I went through the referral link of No-limit.


Who am I ?

My name is Nolimit, I play for the MUO. This is Marseille Unique Olympique. It is a club that plays around ten competitions on Sorare. From the smallest to the strongest. Knowing that we will soon structure ourselves to play the D1. I have been playing since the end of June 2021 on Sorare and I make videos on a monthly basis.


The interest of white card for beginners

Remember that we recommend starting Sorare with the Global Common, free mode and white cards. But if you go to the paid mode :

After winning 5 auctions, I win a Limited. However, do not rush the auctions by telling yourself that you want your gift, you will get it sooner or later. If we are satisfied with these cards there, in the “play” tab, I will see the price pool of the Casual competition. I remind you that these are white cards that you cannot buy, they are free and offered by Sorare. If I finish in the top 3, I will win paying cards. However be careful, I must be in the first 3 out of 45,000 players. Suffice to say that if you play this competition, it is mainly to practice practicing Sorare before perhaps switching to the paid mode. If you finish in the top 4-10 %, you’ll get a White Star.

The white cards have another interest, if you play the D4 (the red cards), you can put a white card in your deck of 5 cards (NB : this no longer works since the summer of 2022 !). It’s interesting because in red cards, what costs the most are the goalkeepers. Also, if you have a blank keeper to put in your rare division, that limits your entry cost. We must therefore look at what it can give in terms of cost, to have a team with a goalkeeper in white and red cards.

There is an interesting thing if you play D4 All Star with players of all ages and from all countries : the level. Here, the ranking no longer counts, you have to reach a certain number of points. If you line up 5 players and you exceed 250 points, you will be able to score points and these points will earn you 57 euros if you exceed 250, or 28 euros if you score more than 205 points.
Some players have specialized in this, they want a rare team that will seek a level. At 57 euros per week with sometimes 50 games in the year, that potentially makes 2500 euros of landing in the year. You will not have them every time the levels even if you have a very good team, however, if you have one out of two you can still have 1200 euros in the year. It is therefore a goal that can be achieved.

With a white Neuer goalkeeper played in D4, you will have a 40 % penalty, so he will bring you fewer points, but if your other players are strong and they regularly score 60s, you can seek levels.


Sorare Data to recruit players, beginner or expert

You have another tool that exists, it is Sorare Data. Whether you are a beginner or an Expert Sorare, this site will be your bible. Log in, then enter your Login. Validate the authorization, then you can search for players, results… There are many assets on this site. For example, if I want to look for a defender who scores 55 points and who is in Limited (yellow cards) and who does not cost more than 0.1 ETH. I seek, then the site will release the best players in these criteria. Here, all good defenders will come out. They come from 10 different leagues : Bonucci, Sakai… You can use all these players in Allstar and if you want to get levels, using these players will cost you less. Indeed, Japanese players cost less than Bonucci for equal performance. Here Sakai is at 0.369 ETH while Boscagli is at 0.610 ETH. There is a lot of difference. In similar performance, in general, MLS, K League, J League cost less to fetch All Star than players from Europe. If you want the European Champion, you can filter your search. Mavropanos is a very good choice, he is performing well in Stuttgart. You touch it at 180 dollars in Limited, it is worth 1700 dollars in red. You can then select your team.


Group players by club to synchronize performances on Sorare

I advise you to group a few players per team, that is to say not to have 5 players who come from 5 different clubs. You may have performance synchronization problems and this is one of the keys to the game (remember this sentence whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert). It is not sure that Stuttgart will perform well at the same time as Lukeba in Lyon. It is also not sure that they play at the same time. If they play between Friday and Monday they are considered to be playing “at the same time” ; so you can line them up. However, if Lyon make the UFA cut while Stuttgart are not qualified, Lukeba may play while Mavropanos will not.

It is for this reason that having the two Lyon defenders is sometimes easier than having 2 players on 2 different clubs. In addition, you will need information… He is playing, he is not playing, he is injured or has covid… This information is easier to obtain if you specialize in 2 to 3 clubs whose information you will have to follow. if you have 5 clubs in 5 different leagues. It is for these reasons that I advise you to group the players in the cards you take.


The higher the category, the “easier” it is to win

Sorare Data is therefore a very powerful tool, especially when you set up your club, you will have to go through it. It is important to navigate this tool. You have to see the prices of the players to know if you can afford to play in Limited, Rare or higher.

If you have the chance, it’s money you can afford to lose and it’s not vital to you, it’s better to play in the higher categories because there is less of competitors. In Limited you need to beat 15000 people to make a podium. If you play All Star you will only have 4000 to beat. In blue card, in Super Rare, there will only be 300. In Unique, there are only 30. Finally, it is “easier” with high budgets (but there are also less of “paid” places).

Only buy good players in a category unless you want to get D4 tiers

Attention dear friend new to Sorare, if you choose the paid mode, go to the highest division of the moment where you can afford 10 good players. It’s not worth it, to go on red cards of Tier 2 or Tier 3 players, that is to say players who will have performances between 40 and 50, Unless you want to seek levels in division 4 All Stars. Or if you like to play Lotto.


Before buying, it is therefore important to take a look at the style of team you are going to buy, also look at the price of the goals because it is often this that will determine the team. For example, in cheap player, with a price lower than 0.1, in Limited, I can only have Pacheco. So you still have to take out 200 euros. To this, you will have to add an average of 150 euros per player (if they are good cards). You can also choose players who will perform less regularly and therefore be less expensive. Also remember that it will be necessary to double a post. Here, with 500 or 600 euros, I can mount a good European Champions. You can also make teams with up-and-coming players, in this case you can play the U23. You have filters to find the players who can participate in this League. The profiles will then be very different.


Why build a team of 10 players on Sorare ?

Be careful, with 500 or 600 euros, depending on the competition targeted, you could only have 5 players which is not enough. This is a classic rookie mistake, which we try to avoid with this tutorial. It’s not enough because if there is one who has covid, who is suspended, who is sick, your team of 5 cannot play. You will not be able to play with 4 players hoping for rewards. In my opinion, you need 10 players. Your budget will have to be thought out over 10 cards. So, when all goes well, you will have 2 teams to line up. This will allow you to be able to make choices on which is the best 5 to line up given the oppositions of the day.

Having 10 players therefore makes it possible to make this kind of choice, and to replace those who are absent when there are problems.

In the right cases you can therefore align two teams, one strong, the other weak. On bad days, you’ll have at least one team you can field.

You will therefore have to develop your budget according to these criteria, play the divisions that you want for your pleasure and that you can afford.

On Sorare you can play in small or large account. I specialize in large account support, but I continue to provide information on the site. Do not hesitate to ask me for information even if I am more specialized in 3 to 1 divisions because that is what I mainly play. So I have more information on these divisions, the budgets are different but the logic is the same.


How to buy cards on Sorare ?

The card purchase comes after familiarization with all these criteria. There is a market for new and resale cards. On the market for new cards, you will find a tutorial.

You can find the current auction price, the number of bidders and the time remaining until the end of the auction. On the side you have filters. For example, you can sort the European champions. So the Icardi, which is performing poorly at the moment, will come out at 87 E. If you go to the auction market, in general, it’s to take what comes with the flow. It’s not the strategy, you have to have thought about the team you want to build beforehand. Go see if the players are available for auction. If they are, you can position yourself.
The secondary market also has an official tutorial made by Sorare, you can search for the player you are interested in, here Mavropanos, there are 9 in all. We see that it costs 1500 euros in Rare and 250 euros in Limited. If I click on buy, I have the player immediately. However, I can also send an offer here, 150 euros. You can only send offers if you have money in your account.

Funding your account with money

You have two ways to deposit money. You can do it by Ramp, or if you already have cryptocurrency, you “connect to my wallet”. It will be a metamask wallet. Metamask and cryptocurrency, is not my subject, there are already many tutorials for that.

It’s a daunting part for beginners and Sorare still needs to improve on it.

I will go on the principle of someone who is not crypto friendly. You click Ramp. You put the amount you want in Euros. For example, if you want to invest 1000 euros in Sorare, you can do it this way with your credit card. Depending on the amount of the deposits, it may be necessary to carry out an identity verification (requested by Ramp) to have the right to convert your euros into ETH.

Otherwise it is also possible to pay for the cards at auction, directly with your credit card.

Sorare deposit tutorial

The course of the ETHER

You should know that what you are going to buy, when you make a deposit, is ETHER. You will therefore buy it during the day. This price is likely to vary upwards or downwards. As long as you have liquid ETHER in your wallet, you are at risk. That of the rise or descent of the ETHER. In general, if you do not want to play this, I advise you to deposit money only for a card that you are going to buy very soon. In the secondary market, you can use this method, in the primary market too.

How to buy a cryptocurrency card on Sorare ?

There is the possibility of making purchases by clicking directly on the card. To be able to deposit money on Ramp, there is a KYC, which means “know your Customer”, that is to say that the legal authorities impose the fact of knowing where the money comes from. You will therefore have to submit your CNI. This is normal, it is a process that exists on all exchanges that offer you cryptocurrency. Once you deposit your money, you will have a wallet that is funded. Instead of having a blue card, you will have a number. For example, 0.3 ETH if I bought for 1000 euros. I also see that if I try to buy direct, it can offer me to add a credit card. In which case, I will go through the Stripe payment system which allows me to make the conversions. If you are buying cards live it may even be easier to do that than depositing cryptocurrency on Ramp. For my part, I am more accustomed to making this deposit because when you play on large accounts. For example, if you buy a 3000E card, your credit card does not necessarily allow you to make the deposit. You will therefore have to fund your account with transfers.

For this you will have to make a cryptocurrency deposit in the wallet at the top, then pay with the money that has already been deposited.

To make small purchases, you can use a credit card, there is no point in bothering you to store Ether. As a beginner, it is advisable to minimize the sums and its risk until you are familiar with Sorare. The logics are different if you play D1, D2, D3 divisions where you need to unlock large sums. Indeed, the price of the cards is higher than if you use blue cards for less important cards.

In card resales, you can sort cards by ascending price. So here, the cheapest Mavropanos is 160 euros. To see if this price is realistic, I invite you to check each time, on Sorare Data, the market price.

I can see this player’s price development over time on Sorare Data (Price graph). The price is indicated in ETH, if this does not speak to you, switch to Euros. If the Rares don’t speak to you, switch to Limited and hit filter. Here you will see an evolution. The price was overpriced at first. Everyone has “FOMO” (Fire of missing out), they wanted to buy the cards first and the price soared. Then the price stabilized, and here we see the latest player prices.

We must analyze this data because sometimes there are market mechanics, sometimes there are performance mechanisms with a player who burns according to his performance. In Sorare Data, you can also see the player’s performance in the different matches he has made.

All around and Decisive

When you look at the player scoring components, you see here that out of 74 points, there are 35 decisive score points and 39.2 All-around. The word Decisive designates decisive actions, that is to say for a defender a save on the line. Or a tackle from the last defender. These are things that don’t happen every game. The all around will be the distribution. That is to say, what scores a lot in SO5 are the successful passes in the last 30 meters.

This is often found in teams that play in 3, 5, 2 with center right or center left defenders. It’s mainly because they have projection in the dominant teams. The all around works well with Mavropanos. In the all around, having scores of 20 or 30 on average is strong. When combined with a decisive score, it makes for great scores. We consider that the all around gives regularity to a player because he will not need to be exceptional to make a good score. If I start at 35 points and I make 20 in all around, just by playing my game, I will make 50 points regularly. If I perform well, it goes up again.

The L5, L15, L40

Mavropanos, despite being in a weak squad as Stuttgart is bottom of the Bundesliga, is a super defender with an L40-60 average. The L15 represents the last 15 matches and L5 the last 5.
The price-level market often pays the L5. We see a slight drop in the price graph of the last transactions, this is perhaps due to the fact that it is in less good shape this month.


First, as a Sorare beginner, you have to choose which division to play : yellow, blue, red or black card. Knowing that it will take at least 10 cards to play.

Once you know if you’re on $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000 teams, you choose your region. There is :

-The MLS with America and South America.

-ASIA with Japan, Korea and the Chinese League

-Europe with the 5 major championships : Italy, France, England, Germany, Spain

– Challenger Europe will concern weaker countries : Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia…

– If you want to mix everything, you play in All Star

– If you want to play with young players, you play the U23.

Once all this is determined, go to Sorare Data, player finder and see what is possible to do.

Read and re-read this tutorial, as well as that of other content creators on Sorare.

You can use a filter on Sorare Data to have strong all around and thus have regularity on your players. Here we are looking at attackers with at least 16 from all around and a total map score above 57. This will give us very good attackers. So good that the only one offered to me as a challenger is Malcom with the price I indicated. Without limit on the price, I get Gakpo from PSG, young, powerful at 800 euros minimum card. It is worth 1000 dollars currently on the market. Tadic, $1,000 too. Luis Diaz, 600 dollars and Malcom 200. Afterwards, if you want to have less regular players who can go for 57, you can lower the all around constraint. Now there are 13 possibilities. Dompé, less known but who makes points regularly. Karlsson is worth 500 because he plays in U23. Otherwise you can take Jantscher, in Austria at 100 euros. He has because he has good performances but he is 33 years old. So here it is, before buying a player you can filter and then look at the performance in detail. You can also look at the price logic and analyze it.

Once the choices have been made, put your players in an Excel table. Then look at what it does in terms of budget, if it’s consistent, once you’ve done everything, you buy the cards.

For example, to buy Mavropanos, you use the search bar. You then have the player file, you click on card. You search by ascending price and then select Limited, Rare, Super rare or Unique. Moreover, here we see that there are none in Super rare because only one comes out per month. We also see that this is the reason why the gains can be much stronger in the super rare and unique markets. Indeed, few players have them. So, when you want one you will have few interlocutors and if they are not sellers, you will have to raise the prices.

In rare however, I often have a chance to find some at auction because there are 100 in the year. As there are more auctions, prices are more controlled.

It is also important to also look at the Bonuses. In Limited it is important, however a 2 % bonus is not decisive in yellow card. Over time, a card when you play it takes XP. On this card you can see that the first card holder bought this card on 10/23 at 223 euros. The second bought in November at 219. So since November, the card has been accumulating experience. This is why if we buy this card we take 7 % of XP which is better than a card at auction which is at 5. In this example, if I go to auction it is 158 E, if I buy from this manager it’s 161. Personally I will buy the one at 161 because for 3E I will accept to have a higher XP. Be careful, 2 % XP is only two or three matches which is not huge either. Here, the two choices are valid. However, paying for that other card 50E more for 7 % XP is bullshit. When I buy a card, I ask myself the following questions :

Is this player fit ? Is its price the same as the market ? How much was the card bought at the beginning ? All of this helps you in your decision.

Once the team is formed, you can play.

Some managers switch to buying reselling. The technique consists of buying wanted players a bit lower than the market in order to resell them at the market price. Or say to yourself that the price of the card will go up. For example with Mbappé, there are ongoing auctions here at 2464 E.

We can analyze this auction here : Mbappé is around 2400 with occasional sales possibilities at 2600 Euros. So here, this card at 2369 E is a good price if nobody outbids. Normally, we will not break his bid at 2600E, we will buy it cheaper from someone else. Since this card often goes to 2400 E, this person says to himself that by touching it at 2350 E, he will surely make 50 to 60 E of capital gain quite easily. Applying this technique on good cards is easier.

However, you can buy resale at all levels. I see some managers doing it with 5-10 euro cards. It is possible, however, it takes time to manage so many transactions. If you have time and little budget it is a possibility. If you have little time and a little more budget, prefer to play with cards like Mbappé. In addition, with these cards, you have the possibility of playing them in So5 acr, what matters in So5 is to be in possession of the card on Tuesday at noon. If you had it at noon and 1 minute, it is at home that the card will be counted.

Perspectives on Sorare

In my opinion, this game has a bright future ahead of it. I was saying that when we were 15,000 and we went to 75,000. There was not yet the full Bundesliga or La Ligua… With Sorare’s fundraising at 600 million and its valuation at 4 billion dollars. Obviously if I said that in July, I am all the more confident now. You can track some market-level data by going to Market and Charts on Sorare Data. This will tell you what is owners to see card owners. This will give you an idea of the bids. We see the dynamic which is good, the number of teams submitted by Game Week. Here if you take these stats, it’s up and down depending on match days, covid, christmas break… You can see the market momentum is really up. On average, there is 25 % growth on average. The million users will surely be reached in 2022 (NB : And no ! No-limit error which made the video at the beginning of 2022, before the war in Ukraine and the crash of techno and crypto stocks, everything was in hyper growth, today in November 2022, the pace is lower. Counting free users we will be around 600k) . You, Sorare beginner looking for a tutorial, are in the first 100 thousand if you watch this video in January … The adventure has only just begun in my opinion. This investment is still Ether price when you have liquidity, and people’s confidence in the crypto ecosystem, uncertainty about your players’ careers… All of this must be part of your decisions before you launch yourself on Sorare. However, if you can go for it, you can both have fun and sometimes make money too. So be careful and watch other videos as well. My twitter is fan-sorare. You have the link in the description. You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel and use my referral link. If you have any questions and comments, please do not hesitate.

Registration link, Support, Twitter

Sorare registration link (1 card offered after 5 purchases at auction) : https://www.sorare-fans-marseille .fr/jouer/

Key account support : -in-sorare-big-account/

Twitter :

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